Telephone Support 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year.

Care homes and home care providers operate 24/7 and incidents can occur at any time.

What action your staff take in the first few hours of an incident is vitally important. Timely and appropriate action is essential to reduce any further risk to clients/residents or staff. You also need to demonstrate to regulators that your service is committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults and is able to effectively manage health & safety events.

Our dedicated phone line will connect you or a member of your team to an experienced health and social care professional who can advise you:

  • How to manage the immediate situation to ensure that clients/residents, staff and your service are SAFE.
  • What risk assessments are required and what should be included to mitigate any further or future risks to clients/residents, staff or your service.
  • Who needs to be informed of the incident and how to do this.

For example:




Virtual Operations/Management Support

Smaller providers do not always need full time operational support. We can be your virtual Operations Manager providing operational support and advice whenever you need it.

  • Service planning & development.
  • Policies and procedures tailored to your service.
  • Support to manage your senior employees.
  • Project management and implementation.
  • Quality Assurance

Complaints, Concerns & Breaches of Regulation

We can remotely support you or your managers to effectively manage complaints, concerns or breaches of regulation. We can prepare your managers for safeguarding meetings, Registered Manager interviews, local authority quality visits and Care Quality Commission (CQC) inspections.

Where a written response or an action plan is required, we can work with you to ensure that responses are appropriate and action plans are practical, cost effective and easily integrated into your service. We can also support you to complete any forms, applications or submissions required to register, maintain or grow your business. For example; CQC registration, planning permissions, food business registration, sponsorship licence applications etc

Workforce Management

Your workforce is your biggest expense. We can work out your staffing needs and deployment to deliver safe care effectively and control costs. You can avoid expensive recruitment consultancy charges by advertising vacancies and recruiting yourself. We can advise you on how and where to advertise, what to pay your staff and how best to onboard new staff.

You will need to train and develop your staff to meet regulations and industry requirements. We can support you to deliver a training and development plan for your staff that will future proof your service and maximise staff retention.

Facilities & Equipment (Care Homes Only)

As an employer and a provider of Health & Social Care your Health & Safety obligations are complex and varied. Working with you and/or your Maintenance Operative we will support you to put processes and procedures in place to ensure regulatory compliance and safeguard you against litigation.

Hotel Services (Care Homes Only)

We are fully conversant with Food Safety requirements and can advise you on how best to manage your kitchens, your menus and your food budgets.

We can support you to prevent and manage costly outbreaks of infection by ensuring that you have effective housekeeping processes and procedures in place. if your housekeeping and laundry are operating effectively outbreaks can be contained with minimal impact on occupancy and staff absence.

Care & Clinical Support

Our nurse team can provide virtual or onsite support with care and clinical issues, for example;

  • Multiple safeguarding alerts
  • High incidence of pressure wounds, urinary tract infections, falls, weight loss and/or hospital admissions
  • Outbreak Management
  • Poor management of medications resulting in administration and/or recording errors.

Audit & Governance

Our experienced auditors are available to audit your service ahead of CQC, Local Authority, Food Safety, Pharmacy, Fire Service or Health & Safety inspections or audits.

Alternatively, we can support you to set up a program of internal audits and governance activities to continuously monitor service quality and compliance.

Business Planning & Financial Optimisation

The key to financial success is in the planning. We can support you to identify your market and optimise your investments to maximise profit.

Occupancy and average weekly fees are paramount to your success. Together we can develop a sales and marketing strategy to maximise and maintain occupancy and increase average weekly fees