Case Study 3

We were asked to investigate, report and manage a Coroner’s Court summons for a home in Reading owned by a large care provider. This involved a 3-day consultation package to include representing the provider at the Coroner’s Court hearing.

Day 1

Investigated the care and support provided to the deceased and the circumstances surrounding their death.

Day 2

Prepared and submitted our report to the provider.

Reviewed and discussed the report with the provider in preparation for the court hearing.

Day 3

Attended the court hearing as a key witness on behalf of the provider; whereby we were able to describe the actions taken by staff before, during and following the resident’s death and take questions from the judge and family members who were present.

By supporting the provider and their staff through this difficult process we were able to represent their case accurately to ensure that the hearing was fair and the outcome for the provider was a positive one.